Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bone Marrow Clinapp

Just completed another clinapp, this one for Bone Marrow interpretation.

It is gratifying how the basic framework continues to provide such good service, seven years after the first app was done.

Like its siblings, this app provides:
  • a work list of tech to-do (orders awaiting results)
  • a work list of resident to-do (results awaiting preliminary interpretation)
  • a work list of attending to-do (prelim interps awaiting review)
  • same-screen access to relevant current lab results
  • links to related clinapps reports for this patient
  • context-sensitive access to the historical repository of lab results
  • printable report PDF creation
  • faxing support
  • LIS interface
This app is using by attending from other departments, so I have validation that the UI works in more than one user context.

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