About This Blog

This blog is about clinical laboratory informatics, but with an emphasis on applied technology. Theory is handy, but practice is dandy.

This blog is arranged around typical clinical lab work flow:
  1. Ordering--place an order for a lab test in either an HIS or an EMR
  2. Collecting--take a sample from the patient for analysis
  3. Receiving--physically acquire and accession the specimen
  4. Processing & Analyzing--perform the assay on the specimen
  5. Verification--make sure the result is valid before reporting it
  6. Interpretation--some tests require a clinical expert's opinion
  7. Reporting--make the result available to the intended audience
I have provided analysis and technology to support, automate and facilitate processes at each of these phases. This blog is intended to provide some tips and benefits of theoretical informatics being applied in the lab setting.

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