Friday, August 22, 2003

Cell-Dyn 3200 Automated Analyzer Interface

Today I started work on an instrument interface for Abbott's Cell-Dyn 3200 automated analyzer. Most of the work was done for me by the client, whose staff have developed a very solid framework in which to build instrument interfaces.

Automated analyzers are weird: they are sophisticated in every way but the way in which they handle I/O. This has been an introduction to some concepts for me:

  • ASTM E1381/95 a rather outdated, clearly serial protocol rather reminiscent of MS-DOS block-based communication protocols of yesteryear.
  • Worklists for analyzers which are derived from LIS orders
  • Analyzer flags and how to present them
  • Verification UIs
It has also been a pleasure to learn about automated analyzer interfaces from a master,  Steve Wardlaw, MD.