Monday, November 26, 2001

Flow Cytometry Reporting

Starting a new and interesting project: provide a web-based rich data environment to support clinicians making clinical impressions of flow cytometry results.

Flow cytometry is a new and exciting technology for analyzing cells along a number of dimensions, but that is not my area. My area is providing an environment in which the raw flow cytometry results, which are precise but not clear, can be interpreted.

In practice, this means providing the following functionality:
  • a worklist for the section
    • orders as they arrive (tech to-do)
    • cases to be interpreted as they are run (clinician to-do)
  • up-to-date patient demographics
  • access to any previous reports on this patient
  • access to related and support current lab results
  • macros for impressions
  • push-button creation of a printable clinical report as a PDF
  • publishing verified impressions:
    • automatic interfacing of impressions to the LIS
    • automatic faxing of reports to the ordering clinician
Since the client is a large teaching hospital, there are the following user models:
  • tech--can enter and edit results
  • resident--can enter impressions, not results and cannot sign a report
  • attending--can enter impressions, not results and can sign a report 
(This was the first app of the set which became known as "the clinapps".)