Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Epic Draws

One of our clients retired our custom draw station solution in favor of Epic, but quickly found that Epic could not provide the management reports we had provided, so we were asked to somehow recreate our report package in the new environment.

After some consideration, the solution we choose was this: an extractor of data from the LIS (SoftLab) to populate the database on which the reporting package was based. So the orders come through Epic, into SoftLab and then into our database.

Once we defined and refined the business rules which let us determine which orders were collected in draw stations and which were not, the rest of the puzzle fell into place.

Along the way, we uncovered some ordering issues--misconfigured menus in Epic, out of date test definitions in SoftLab, receiving procedures not properly adjusted for the new environment--which is the first step to fixing them.

We also learned more than we wanted to about how orders are stored in the LIS, but that will be useful down the road I'm sure.

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